9 Responses to “Inspirations”

  1. I watched all of these. Sooooo good. Rock and roll definitely saved my soul!!
    One question, I thought the Kleenex song was by Lilliput. Or maybe I just don’t know enough about them and they are the same band…

    • Kleenex and lilliput are the same band. I’m not sure but i think they changed their name to lilliput because they were going to be sued by the tissue company. Again don’t quote me on it.

  2. Kleenex is pretty cool but ion this video the singer looks like bored…

  3. YES!!! The Pandoras! I haven’t listened to them in ages, but use to love them alot! Yay for Babes in Toyland, Fugazi & The Slits!

  4. thanks for posting avengers pandoras love them


  5. thanks for posting that Kleenex video. i’d never heard of them, but i love this song!! i seriously just watched it like 15 times in a row.

  6. this one is good too

    And why no Avengers or no Pandoras???

    In BK Zine 1 or 2, there’s a picture of Paula Pierce of The Pandoras and tobi says how much she’s sad that she died and that she was listening to the pandoras in 9th grade and that billy was in love with her

    pandoras,please,avengers please

  7. Ummmmm… don’t understand that’s yr inspirations yr inspirations for what?
    Yr inspirations in music?

  8. Joey Koneko Says:


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