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Better than the original

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I can’t believe that almost twenty years have past

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I saw Bikini Kill for the first time on October 5, 1992. I was singing for the band He’s Dead Jim. We were booked to play with Bikini Kill at the Jumping Turtle in Pomona, but the show got moved to Scripps at Claremont University. We were surprised because there was an all boy band that was playing shows with them, Kathleen insisted that we play right before Bikini Kill because we had two females in our band (myself and our bass player). I was only 21 and so excited to see another band with females in it. We were in awe of them and their beat up touring van. We were also happy that they actually watched us. We played our set.

Then Bikini Kill played. We were completely blown away by their energy, everything about them. Then in the middle of them their set Kathleen thanked us for playing and said that I was the best singer she had seen the whole tour. I am not sharing this compliment now to brag about myself but to show how amazingly generous she was. Our band had only been together for four months. I hardly had any confidence as a front person. So, for Kathleen (this great singer in this touring band) to compliment me, it gave me a big boost. I think that compliment helped solidify my place as the front person. I remember we bought seven inch splits and gave them what money we had in our pockets for gas. A few months later they sent us their full length album, a letter of appreciation, and encouraged us to tour to Olympia. In the next year I would start my first zine (on the rag zine) with my best gal-friend Alicia Lopez. Three years after that I started my own record label, on the rag records. I would not have done these things without the inspiration of Bikini Kill and what they represented (d.i.y. spirit).

I can’t believe that almost twenty years have past. It’s insane. I kept a journal in those early days and wrote that story down. Even if I wouldn’t have journaled it, I would have always remembered it. Kathleen and Bikini Kill were the first female musicians that I had encountered (at the time) in the punk scene who were really “female friendly.” I didn’t have to know that they were feminists to know that they wanted to support other women in punk. They showed it with their words and actions. It was also the first time I ever saw a band hand out flyers with their lyrics and an interview. It was also the first time I received information from a band on women’s reproductive health. Those are things I integrated into all the bands I’ve been in, being influenced by them.

The next time I saw Bikini Kill was when they played the Rock for Choice at the Paladium in Los Angeles. The big surprise was Joan Jett coming out to play Rebel Grrrl with Bikini Kill. Now that is also a memory I will not soon forget. I meet so many girls that never got a chance to see Bikini Kill, let alone play with them. I know for a fact many of the young bands we play with now are influenced by Bikini Kill. They showed females everywhere that they could rock, but more important than that they empowered them with feminism. I love them for that. They really made feminism a part of punk.

Thanks for letting me share my story.

Renae Bryant,
Ex-He’s Dead Jim
Current-All or Nothing HC
Owner on the rag records & ezine


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i was having a conversation with my sister earlier today about music and how now most of it, in my opinion, seems to be so uninspiring. loads of bands sound alike and other musicians ‘sing/rap’ about screwing “bitches and hoes”. it’s inconceivably disgusting, if you ask me. i got to thinking about how phenomenal music used to be. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still some amazing bands out and about, but do you remember the first time you heard Bikini Kill? i do. i couldn’t believe how easy it was to relate to them. It was as though Kathleen was speaking directly to me and i loved that. she felt how i felt. we’d been through the same things. i absolutely love Bikini Kill and will never forget how much Kathleen and Bikini Kill have inspired me and how they’ve gotten me through some pretty tough times.

What BK Means to Me!

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Billy and Kathleen making faces
My wife and I used to sing Rebel Girl and Alien She to each other (though secretly, since we didn’t disclose we both had a case of “Love at First Sight”). Now we’re happily “married” (until it’s legal, then we’ll be happily Married). Since we started dating we have put BK songs on our “world famous” LesMixes. We have a daughter (3 years old) and she’ll be hearing our collection of Bikini Kill when she gets old enough to appreciate them as much as we do! : )

– Kristi & Victoria (little Dahlia, too!)

On my Casio boombox

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looking up
Yes!!! I believe it was in 1991. I was 15 years old and living in a suburb of LA. I got a hold of a tape of a tape of a tape from a friend and it blew my mind! I was so inspired by the notion of sisterhood and girl power. Two years later I went to college and declared a Women’s Studies major 🙂

I actually have a VHS taping of them playing at the Hong Kong Cafe in LA. It was probably in 2003 or 2004? It was around the same time as a Yo Yo A Go Go festival, I think.

My favorite memories of seeing Bikini Kill are: the first time at the Jabberjaw in LA; and another time in San Diego. A friend of mine was recently killed by her boyfriend (who was strung out on crack at the time), and I had a nice heart to heart with Kathleen Hanna about it. She dedicated a song to my friend and it meant a lot to me.

I would say Bikini Kill changed the course of my life, and I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t listened to that cassette tape on my Casio boombox…

– Madeline Yang

An Empowered Future for Everyone

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I hardly even have the words. How do you express immeasurable gratitude? When I found Bikini Kill, I was a middle school kid who was beyond frustrated, beyond disappointed that my potential role models were either men or women who complacently accepted their role on the losing end of patriarchy. Even as an athlete, the women I looked up to talked in interviews about how they hid their athleticism from their husbands and boyfriends so as not to emasculate them. They talked about how they were always so happy to leave the “butch” on the field and get dolled up. No thanks. Bikini Kill and riot grrrl was my entry point to a lifestyle that celebrated women, individualism, assertion, and vocal refusal to accept the status quo. To me, they were a voice against violence against women, a voice against oppression, and a voice against misogyny. I’m a social worker now. My sole purpose in life is to work towards social justice and advocate for those who are oppressed. I truly believe that Bikini Kill planted the seed that feminist theory fed that eventually grew into an intense, all consuming desire to fight for an empowered future for everyone.

Kathleen, Kathi, Tobi: Sincerely, thank you. Thank you.


Blue Hair and Mohawks

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I forged my mom’s signature and switched to an alternative school where all the kids had blue hair and mohawks. We used to blast bikini kill in the short bus on the way there at 8am. This was the first time I ever listened to Bikini Kill and I became hooked. Bikini Kill inspired me to start my own punk rock band called Padded Hell. I was a shy kid, but being able to scream in front of an audience like kathleen hannah made me come out of my shell. thanks bikini killl! 😉
-Audrey Hell

I saw Bikini Kill in Olympia at the Capitol Theatre

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I saw Bikini Kill in Olympia at the Capitol Theatre when I was thirteen or fourteen. I remember watching Kathleen writhe around on stage. Her hot sex energy was the beginning for me. She was a bad ass who breathed music. I was going to be just like her.

– Hanna

The Discotays

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These cool kids are in a band called the Discotays from New Mexico and are sporting both a BK sticker and tshirt. Their music is pretty amazing check them out Thanks to Dasha!!!!