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Riot Grrrl Cover Bands

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This awesome collective puts on RG cover band shows and also has a zine distro!!!

Photo by Orlando Perez


Where is your next show? In Honolulu.

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I first heard Bikini Kill back in 1994 when I was in the 8th grade in
Hawaii. Back then, I was just starting to get into punk rock, mostly
punk bands from the 70’s and early 80’s. I had a cousin who was into
the punk scene and she made me a mix tape that had a couple of Bikini
Kill songs on it. “Blood One” and “Double Dare Ya/Lair” were on the
tape and they were the very first Bikini Kill songs I ever heard.
There are no words that could describe and give justice to what Bikini
Kill did for me as an angry and confused adolescent girl growing up.
Their music gave me a sense of empowerment and made me question the
close minded environment which I was exposed to as a child.

I was fortunate enough to see Bikini Kill play live twice in 1996 when
they played two nights in Honolulu, each at different venues. These
were the first punk shows I ever went to. If memory serves correct,
the first night was at a place called The Groove. I remember The
Groove as being sort of an abandoned warehouse in an industrial part
of town. The main thing I remember about this show was that Bikini
Kill was the opening band for NOFX. Strange band to be playing a show
with and the crowd seemed to be all NOFX fans (which was a band I
wasn’t really crazy for). The mosh pit was filled with drunken army
guys and I remember a small fight broke out. I remember Fat Mike, the
singer for NOFX, and Kathleen had a few unfriendly words. At one
point during NOFX’s set, Fat Mike sarcastically dedicated a song to
her. I don’t recall the name of the song, however.

The second night I remember much more vividly. The show was at a
place called The Fast Zone and Bikini Kill was the featured band.
This venue was much smaller than the previous one and the atmosphere
was much more intimate. When Bikini Kill took the stage, Kathleen
advised all the boys in the front row to move back so the girls could
get up to the front of the stage and get a better view. My friends
and I got to the front and rock out hard! I smiled at Kathleen and
she smiled back. To a 15/16 year old girl, having one of your idols
acknowledging you like that means the world! I’ll never forget that
moment. And I’ll never forget what Bikini Kill did and how much they
meant for me in my life!

I surprisingly came across these pictures that were taken at both shows:

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BK Grafitti

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Seattle 1991

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DJ Lil’ Good Times

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bk dresch
The Bikini Kill/Team Dresch show was in a warehouse in West Columbus-very industrial and dirty. It was full of massive plastic hot tubs that we were jumping around in before the show. The warehouse was so gigantic that people were not packed in, which was a nice change because it would sometimes get hard to breathe at shows.
Team Dresch opened and were amazing in every way. This show was way more queer friendly than 2 years earlier so you could already see changes happening in terms of the audience and the punk scene in general.
My best friend and I talked to Kathleen before the show-she had just started DJing and told us her DJ name was “DJ Lil’ Good Times”-awesome !
We gave her a T-shirt that said “Proof Enough” on it in silver glitter and she wore it onstage.
The music was amazing and Kathleen invited the lead singer of the local opening band, Miss May 66, onstage to sing Rebel Girl with her. I will never forget her singing “Sugar” and just ripping into it-still one of my favorite songs-sums up everything about that time. The biggest thing that impressed me about Bikini Kill
and Kathleen Hanna herself was their generosity-they were so generous and compassionate to all their fans and friends.
I can remember so many people unloading on her about really intense stuff going on in their lives and she never blinked-she always listened.

paralell crusades

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From 1992-1995 I did a woman’s music show (the ho show) at KTSB/KVRX
studen radio station in austin texas. I felt like we were leading
parallel crusades, you recording your music and me making sure that
everyone that I could reach knew about what female rock stars were
doing at that time and the overall feminist movement among young women
that was clearly going on. i got to interview so many bands during
that time, and was always so sad that I never interviewed you.

A few random thoughts from one of your still devoted fans, now 37,
with two young kids and living in brooklyn:
I could not get enough music that was coming mainly from the northwest
area, especially from bikini kill. I was and still am inspired by the
music. I used to mail order records from kill rock stars, among other
labels, still have all of my 7 inches from bk.

I vividly remember on of your shows in austin – must have been summer
of 1993 or even earlier – the dates are hazy – but the images of you
guys are clear. Kathleen with the tape recorder – I think a purplish
dress and combat boots – totally inspired me to want to make a change
and a difference. I know I took pictures at that show – of Kathleen
with the tape recorder up to the mike – those I will find and scan in
and send.
anyway the split album you guys did with huggy bear is still one of my
favorite albums.
i am a bit of a packrat, so I will see if I can find any flyers from
your austin shows or any press that I might have saved.

Kathleen – I am glad you are remembering the good stuff about being in
bk, because the music and words you wrote were so powerful, the images
of you guys – all so inspiring to so many, that I am glad to see that
you are remembering more than the negative and tedious aspects of
being in a band.

-april fresh

“How Bikini Kill changed my life”

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Honestly, this should actually be titled, “How Kathleen Hanna Changed My Life,” but it began with Bikini Kill. Actually, it began with my aunt. She was twelve years older than me and ten years younger than my mom, which made our relationship more sisterly than aunt/niece. When I was in the eighth grade my two best friends and I walked out of our Pre-International Baccalaureate (i.e. supposedly high-quality) science class in protest when our teacher, like every other day that year, began handing out worksheets. When my aunt picked me up from school that day, she was blasting “Rebel Girl” and screaming, “This is for you!” From then on I was hooked, and since then I actively seek out other Bikini Kill fans. In high school I was lucky enough to find others, and with them and my aunt I spent many nights at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC listening to Le Tigre, The Butchies, Tami Hart, other Mr. Lady bands, and Sleater-Kinney. Kathleen Hanna inspired me to be fearless, to find my voice and fight for what I believe in.

Currently I am working towards a Master of Arts degree in Comprehensive English Education. Unfortunately my aforementioned aunt took her own life in June of 2009. I celebrate her life daily and hope she is proud of my accomplishments. Attached is a photo my best friend Paige took of our memorial tattoos for my aunt. Mine, on the left, reads: “Rebel grrrl, you are the queen of my world” (of Rebel Girl). Paige’s, on the right, reads: “We can’t hear a word they say / Let’s pretend we own the world today” (of For Tammy Rae).

That is the abridged version of how Bikini Kill and Kathleen Hanna changed my life.

-Britt Garrett