Sounds like you already are contributing!!!

When I was in elementary school one of my first CD’s was Spice Girls. I used to play with the Spice Girl Barbies.

When I was in High School I had a couple of friends that introduced me to riot grrl, mainly Le Tigre. We’d drive in my friend’s new car and she say “it’s girl power time!”

I didn’t start listening to Bikini Kill seriously until last year, which is crazy to me because I resonate so much with it now. so many songs, including Kathleen Hanna’s spoken word, have given me chills. I bought All American Reject from a local record store in my hometown for less than 5 bucks. It was used. I’d listen to it regularly and it get me pumped and I’d workout and dance around in my room/living room.

On October 30th, 2010 I met the members of Broken Water and Morgan and the Organ Donors. I saw they play live at a house show. I bonded with James M., Sara Pete and Kanako. I mostly stayed in touch with Sara and visited OLY in January 2011.

I helped book a show for Hysterics this summer in San Luis Obispo, where I met those two OLY bands. I still live in SLO county but was traveling when they came to town and I was bummed that I missed it.

I’m mostly a writer, but I jammed with James a couple nights when I was in OLY. Mostly just screaming stuff. He wanted me to meet Tobi and Billy but Tobi was out of town and Billy, well didn’t answer when James decided to throw rocks at his window one night.

Kathleen Hanna’s zine, April Fool’s Day, has helped me stick to being sober. It’s going to be a year next month since I first quit drinking and it’s been a few weeks now since I quit smoking.

Bikini Kill has helped me realize how important it is to express your anger, that it is essential to freeing your creativity. I have a context now. Riot grrl is something that I truly believe in deep down. It helps me get through my daily struggles as a conditioned female.

Also by being activists about sexual abuse and speaking out about it it’s helped me heal tremendously. Reading stories about Kathleen Hanna talking about being date raped all the time, helped me realize “I’ve been date raped too.” That reality has been paramount in my healing process. To have a band, a group of activists, care so much about the world and other people to make such a big difference through their music is totally inspiring to me. I’m just really grateful for all the hard work you have all done.

I hope that I could do something to help contribute to the road you all have already paved.

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