Love from Lu

    So I was 13 going on 14 years old (now 28). I grew up with two older sisters who influenced/introduced to Punk Rock music. I got my hands on my first Bikini Kill album “Reject All American”. I will never forget the way I felt when I listened to this album.
I never discovered Riot grrrl music before.
  It changed my life from then on. Well, how cliche 😉 but I say “it changed my life” because it opened a HUGE door to my life. Something that had true meaning- for once in my life I could realte to. Finally, I felt “understood”. I can’t think of ANY other band that has done that for me; put such a strong impact on my life. So this time… I was introducing MY older sisters to Riot grrl music. I got to pass that gift along. 
   I can’t thank Bikini Kill enough for making me feel Special, for getting me through High school in such a male dominated Punk Rock scene. I felt relieved that I could be strong and listen to myself- My own voice-. That’s truly The most special gift to me.
Most importantly, The biggest thank you forever : Introducing/inspiring me to Feminism for the rest of my life. I Thank ALL of you tremendously. 

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