I just wanted the thrill.

To confess,
I have been to a lot of shows.  Many.  Being olden, I don’t want to even admit my first.   My first shows that have had an impact on me were the Cramps, GBH, Wasted youth, Ramones, Buzzcocks, Circle Jerks and so on.
These shows are still a part of me.  I ended up in China Town/ Los Angeles, and was lucky enough to see Bikini Kill play at Madam Wongs Cafe.  The music was so fucking good.  I knew Bikini Kill was one of my favorite bands, but hearing you live just added to the cool factor.  That was one of the best shows I have ever gone to.  The creep factor was way high for me, being a guy , and old, but I didn’t care.  It was like that.  I just wanted the thrill.

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