The Fang Gang

I booked a basement show at the “Fang Gang” house in Madison, WI for Bikini Kill sometime in the early 90s after exchanging some letters with Kathleen. I couldn’t think of any local bands that really seemed right to open for them, so I asked some female friends of mine to do some spoken word. It was
a really great, intimate show and we had a lot of fun. The next morning before the band left, I heard some bass guitar coming from the basement. I quietly walked down the steps and Kathleen was playing by
herself, possibly working on a new song. I walked behind the drumset, picked up the sticks and started playing along. Kathleen smiled and we jammed for a little while. It’s one of those magical
punk moments that I’ll always remember. – Tim

2 Responses to “The Fang Gang”

  1. Dave Odenwelley Says:

    i think i was at the bikini kill show tho. i noticed another site trying to find info/pics of the fang gang house. i was about 12 er 13 at the time. my uncle got my little brother and i into punk at a very early age. my brother, billy was sorta locally famous in madison for being the 10 year old kid with a foot tall purple mohawk. anywayyyyssss. sorry to ramble. it’s 7am and i just woke up. those were the dayyyyssss!!!! lol

  2. Dave Odenwelley Says:

    what about tormentula? or were they not around at the time?

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