We were all getting into punk music

I grew up on the eastern end of Long Island- Hamptons territory- and I was lucky enough to have found a group of strong/witty/creative girl friends in such a secluded part of the country. We were all getting into punk music in high school (1994-ish) and I remember having a hard time relating to a lot of the bands with male singers. I was also struggling with my body image and had pretty cruddy self esteem. One of my friends handed me a copy of Pussy Whipped on a Friday and I listened to it all weekend long. This may seem too magical, but it completely changed the way I viewed the world…like this self loathing veil had been lifted off my face. It was totally empowering to hear girls screaming their truths and making big commanding sounds with their instruments. Bikini Kill lyrics and melodies are always stashed in the back of my head-ready for when I need that reminder to stay strong. I think that every girl in high school should be handed a Bikini Kill album as sort of a survival tool.

Polly Robins

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