I was given detention

I went to a very conservative Catholic high school from 2000-2004. There were very few people that were into punk music and barely even anyone who was into punk music that had a political message. My friend Belinda gave me a mixtape of some Bikini Kill songs during my sophomore year in biology class. I was seriously tripping out after I listened to it. It was the same feeling I had when I heard Black Flag for the first time. Towards the end of the year, I made a homemade Bikini Kill shirt. The school’s dean went nuts. She was offended by the words by each word! “Bikini” and “Kill”. I was given detention and I contested it. I lost. Whatever. I still love the band to this day.

On a side note – how would one get a hold of Kathleen? I’ve been working on a zine and I have high hopes of getting an interview with her published!

John Esquivel

Religious Appeal booking

One Response to “I was given detention”

  1. theadventureclub Says:

    John you can contact Kathleen through her website

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