I had a slumber party with Bikini Kill


I was a huge Bikini Kill fan and when the band came to Tempe, AZ, I convinced my two friends, Sabrina and Ryan to go with me. I think this was in 1995. After the show the band was looking for a place to stay before leaving for Flagstaff, AZ the next day and my friend Sabrina said, you can stay with us!

The band stayed at my friend Ryan’s place (apartment). In the morning I had to leave early for work, but Sabrina told me that you guys wanted to go to a thrift store. Ryan lived near Savers (thrift store). Sabrina, Ryan, and I all had worked there. It was where we met, actually. Sabrina was so excited about the show she had seen the previous night, she called Savers and asked for Kathleen to be paged. I think she wished the band good luck or something.

Anyway, that is my story. Pretty cool after all these years to think I had a slumber party with Bikini Kill when I was like 23 years old. 🙂


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