i used to take my camera to most of the shows i went to

Here are some photos i took of Bikini Kill performing in Honolulu. i believe this show was in december of ’95. i used to take my camera to most of the shows i went to. i remember there was some tension at the begining of yr set w/some loudmouth boy trying to antagonize for reasons, i assume, to bring attention to himself. i really wish i had better pictures to share with you, but the Fastzone, where the show was at was soooo crowded. The only other time that place has been packed to capacity was for that pop- punk band the Queers (which weirdly was a VERY violent set of shows). i just couldn’t get in the right spots. i hope they’re ok.

i’m also including a scan of an article from a local high school paper. It talks about the show, and they interview Tobi and Kathi (i can’t believe i still had it tucked away!). If you like i can send it to you.

Strange how things are, i’ve been listening to “Pussywhipped” for the past several days and then today my friend points out the wordpress page. I also want to mention that one of the first records i ever ordered was the “New Radio” 7″.

Take care and Happy New Year.


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