make some noise

Bikini The first time I heard a song by BK I felt so empowered. I truly wish I could have been at the performances in the ’90s to hear the raw sound live and see Kathleen Hanna screaming into the microphone, such energy and grrrl power. All I have are recorded videos from the audience. Kathleen is my role model..cliche? Probably, but its the best way to describe how she has affected my life. As she said, she is a 3-dimensional role model, who isnt perfect, and makes mistakes like any human being, and thats also why she is so, because she has made me realise that to be true to yourself, youve gotta make some noise, go out there, give it all you have and if a mistake is made, so be it. I recently got a portrait of her on my right upper arm and so she is always with me in a sense, a reminder that i CAN do it. I hope one day I can meet her in person to show her this piece of art. Bikini Kill’s songs and zines resonate so much for me, a voice of empowerment, freedom, excitement and anticipation for those of every race,culture, sexuality. I came out as a lesbian a year before i discovered Bikini Kill…if only I had the records back then! I had been missing out! I identify as a feminist, a lesbian, a riot grrrl…and I feel like Ive only just started to discover myself. Bikini Kill has given me strength as a woman that I knew I had, but I now have self-permission to express it how I want to express it.

Rhayven Jane.

PS. I started roller derby this year, and my name is *hopefully* to become Krashleen Hanna!

pps. My blog ‘HAMSTRRR’ is inspired by Bikini Kill, Kathleen and the riot grrrl movement.

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