“Alien She” was like looking into my own thoughts

Howdy there. I began listening to Bikini Kill about a year ago, around the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. I had just gotten into feminism, and I was (and still am) a trademark angry teenage girl. I can’t remember where I got introduced to BK, but I am very thankful that I found it when I did. Now, Bikini Kill and riot grrrl are nothing short of an obsession for me. It sounds like a huge cliche, but BK and feminism really did change my life in a positive way.

I knew that riot grrrl was once active in DC, I live in suburban Maryland, and it blew my mind when I found out that something so revolutionary and powerful occured less than an hour from my house. Being a teenager was never meant to be easy, but I have always had a sense of loneliness regarding my feminist and liberal beliefs while living in such a manicured place. When I bought all the BK albums, I listened to them, and it was like the sky opened up. Listening to “Alien She” was like looking into my own thoughts, I can’t believe someone actually felt all the confusion between being a “pretty girl” and a feminist like I did. I often find myself singing “Suck My Left One” and bopping my head along to “Finale” when walking to school (even in the cold!)

I proudly wear my Bikini Kill shirt around school and the greatest thing is when a girl I don’t known comes up to me and says “I like your shirt, Bikini Kill rocks!” Sometimes these girls are girls I have never talked to or thought that they could be into punk rock/feminism like me. It makes me feel so good that us feminists are everywhere.

(Oh, I’m sending this email on Nov 11, and Kathleen’s blog says that it is her birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday Kathleen!)

Peace and Love,

One Response to ““Alien She” was like looking into my own thoughts”

  1. Yeah, suburban MD! I had a feeling there were more fans nearby…

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