Bikini Kill story by David

one of the first jobs i had let me play my cassettes all day while i worked. i found it interesting at how most the men would complain when i would listen to bikini kill. they would ask “why is she so angry”, or they would ask me to turn off my radio. the funny thing is that i would be listening to minor threat, mdc, and lots of loud bands with male singers and not once did they ask why is HE so angry. i decided to experiment for a little over 6 months with these guys by making tapes with one side full of guy singers and the other side with girl singers and see if they would only complain when a woman was singing / yelling. sure enough, they always complained while the girl side of the cassette was playing.
i ended up asking all of them what their issues were with women and how i observed that they only complain about girl bands and never guys, even though the music was similar. they just thought about it for a few seconds and walked away, or they got upset and said a bunch of stupid ass comments about “a womans place” or how ” these girls must be lesbians”
anyways, some of the guys are talking shit about girl singers being too “whiny” (fucking morons). then my boss mariana walks by us and says ” oh my god! is that bikini kill? i fucking love them. i use to see them play in santa cruz”. then she asked me to turn up the radio and if i could play “carnival” for her. all the guys never complained about my music after that.

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