I was a teen feminist

I just wanted to inform you how influential and amazing you, Kathleen are in my world. I remember just being in a book store and saw this book called “Girls to the Front”. And I thought about how cool it is to have a book supporting women’s rights in an all-girl punk rock theme. I’m currently in the middle of the book now, but as soon as I read about the story of Bikini Kill and the messeges you portrayed I had to be a fan of the music as well. Your music, to me, describes freedom. Freedom in general, and freedom for women. Not to mention it kicks some serious ass. I’m a teen so I dont recall the 90s too well but then again I know so much the influential era because most of my idols are/were from that time. You have inspired me so much with my own music and my beliefs. I was a teen feminist before reading but hearing your story, listening to your music, and knowing what you stand for opened my eyes to a whole new side of things. So thank you so much, Kathleen (not to mention all the Riot Grrrls) for being strong and standing with such power.


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