duuude you guys are like my idols

i dunno only recently i started reading kathleen’s blog (interestingly coincided with my exam revision time…) and i had never thought very much about issues like feminism and gay rights and such. Feminists scare me. i have been brought up all my life in a nice middle class neighbourhood in the small town of adelaide, and for my whole life i’ve been like: “gay people? no big deal, i like the opposite sex, they like the same sex, maybe tomorrow i’ll fall in love with a girl… that’s just the way life goes.” i went to a lovely all-girls school that was big on emphasising that “FEMALES CAN DO EVERYTHING” and i dunno if i’m just up myself, but i feel quite intellectually superior to many of the guys my age, i mean i respect them all and love them as friends, but i know girls who are just as good as anyone at ____ and __

what i’m trying to get across is this: I never understood the need for someone to make their sexuality or gender a massive massive deal, because the environment I was brought up in is just so accepting of it all. (or so i think, from my limited experience of pushing the boundaries)

that’s why i’m glad i started reading your blog. it gave me a whole other perspective to it. I’m still conflicted, i’m still thinking – what’s the point in making a big deal out of being female/gay? doesn’t that constitute reverse discrimination or something, where you’re demanding a massive amount of attention just for being something else? But I think the point is, I now understand that there is a whole other perspective to it and it really really intrigues me. in the future, once i kick exams in the butt and get me some life experience, i look forward to understanding fully the necessity to stand up for who you are in the face of opposition and such. part of the reason this email is so fucking long is that i am writing it up for my own benefit (so definitely do not feel like you have to read the whole thing, or post the whole thing, i understand if it feels like i am just rambling shit right now).

i write music. i would be honoured if you could check some of it out: http://www.myspace.com/chewiyourifood
because music is my way of making sense of the world, and music is your way of making sense of the world, and for all our scientists and new developments in medicine and technology, science can never, ever be the answer to proving whether it is ok to be gay, or if females are just as good as men. i think its only through the arts – literature or music or video games or what have you – that people can learn empathy. and that’s where, in my idealistic world, world peace will be achieved…
stay true 🙂

Vicki G.

One Response to “duuude you guys are like my idols”

  1. theadventureclub Says:

    I love Adelaide! Also it is great to hear your perspective on things, it is totally interesting and I am really happy to hear you’ve had such an open upbringing and that you don’t feel like you have to defend yourself all the time. I definitely don’t feel like being female is the most important interesting thing about me I’m just really interested in feminism, but that’s me. Thanks again for writing.

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