I had known there was band called Bikini Kill since the 5th grade but it wasn’t until last summer that I really listened to them. I downloaded two songs, Rebel Girl And New Radio, off of iTunes and was immeadiately in love. I would blast them every time my parents weren’t home, scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs. WORLD’S BEST DANCE MUSIC!!! I started looking into more of their stuff and eventually, ended up doing a big time school project on Riot Grrrl (I felt pretty cool researching Grrrls when everybody else was looking up Ben Franklin or something like that). At this same time I was the accidental school slut and I hated my dad for reading my diary. Bikini Kill helped me through that by telling me I was normal and right and justified. Bikini Kill gave me confidence. Now, at my school I’m what you might call a fascinating specimen but I don’t care. I am a Riot Grrrl and no one can take that from me. Bikini Kill gave me balls.

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