She’s my favorite punk drummer

I was born in ’81, and like many kids my age, grew up listening to “alt rock” like Nirvana, Soundgarden, etc. One day during my high school years, a female friend suggested I listen to you guys. She said “hey, you like Nirvana, right? Why don’t you check out this band from Olympia called Bikini Kill? They’re pretty rad.” Unfortunately, this was in the late 90’s when the band was in the process of breaking up. I wish I could have been fortunate enough to attend a Bikini Kill show, but I was not. However, the band left a lasting impression on me. Who could forget tracks like “Carnival”, “Rebel Girl”, and “I Like Fucking”. Also, as a drummer myself, I have to express my admiration for Tobi Vail. She’s my favorite punk drummer, and her bass drum sound is just fantastic. It’s warm and boomy, much different than most drummers in the genre. With all the cookie-cutter pop princesses of today, it’s refreshing to know that there’s music out there made by REAL women who are REAL role models for girls. If I have kids someday, be they boys or girls, they will certainly grow up listening to your great band as well as other awesome women musicians. Thanks so much.

Best Wishes,

One Response to “She’s my favorite punk drummer”

  1. this is so lovely, really, but i just wanted to point out that ALL WOMEN ARE REAL WOMEN, no matter what.

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