Riot Grrrl is not dead

When i was 2, i was molested by my grandfather, and most of my life that left me feeling dirty and worthless. To add insult to injury, i was raised in a Christian family, teaching me that homosexuaity was wrong and that girls are lesser than men and don’t deserve respect. I was raised thinking that i had to be subservient to a man and that my attraction to other girls was evil. One day i was listening to Nirvana, and started researching more 90’s bands. Hole, of course came up, and so did Bikini Kill. After litening to Rebel Girl i was hooked. After listening to Suck My Left One, i was empowered. Riot Grrrl is not dead, and at 16 years old in a small Tennessee town, i’m proud to be a lesbian feminist thanks to Bikini Kill. I now have aspirations to start my own band, write books, and empower young girls like Riot Grrrl did me.

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