This is the face of my revolution. In present times, she is beyond inspiration to me, she is the first woman who kicked the hell out of my brain and made her way to my heart with non sugar-coated words. Kathleen Hanna is the only person I found reliable. She never betrayed me, she never betrayed her beliefs and more importantly she never betrayed women. This piece of text could have been entitled “Dear Kathleen Hanna” but that would have meant I expected something impossible like an answer, a post on her blog, a single word… this is not exactly the aim of this piece. She meant a lot as a riot grrrl, as a person, to many women, to many grrrl, to many punk inspired people and I understand the strength of this feeling, the very essence of it because I felt it too. But what I would like to point out is what more than just inspiration, musical prophet, feminist idol, she has been to me. When I firt listenned to Bikini Kill, I felt like my heart was going to melt as all my senses started to boil and roar as they were going to explode. I looked out for some informations about the band and discovered more than a musical reference, more than a band, more than lyrics, more than style, more than a voice… beyond Bikini Kill, beyond everything that stood around this amazing band, there was a mind. A brilliant mind, indeed. Beyond Bikini Kill, there was the soul of an imperalist emphasis, there was Kathleen Hanna. She changed my life forever, there was no turning back.
I have been overwhelmed with mixed feelings for days as I laid down in my bed trying to get every bit of every word Kathleen Hanna was singing in my ears but in the end, I accepted the forthright truth : I will never capture any bit of Kathleen Hanna’s mind because she will never be a part of my life; because she will never tell those words to me directly. This is an offending conclusion I reached. And I must say, I have been upset ever since about it but this is a fact I had to accept after all. Today remains one great thought in my head, a sort of Kathleen Hanna manifesto I keep writting down in my mind : she built my revolution. And she must know it by now, she is an amazing woman, an unstoppable force, a fierceful power of nature who will never ever stop. Each of her musical steps were successful, meaningful and terribly beautiful. She is slowly finishing what she started and even if, feminism can appear as an endless battle, nothing could be sweeter than knowing that Kathleen is still there. The magnificence of her ideas is still breathing down my neck and is surrepticiously interfering in my present, making every step of my artistic process a delight. There are many many miles between Kathleen Hanna and I right now, and I am just a french girl, just a 2000 generation riot grrrl, just an another fan maybe, but I can feel what revolution means thanks to her and this certainty in my life makes me feel like everything is possible out there. This is, probably, all in all, a priceless gift and I owe it to her, and her only.


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