a far cry from Salt Lake City

Like many-I discovered Bikini Kill a few years after their last record. After dropping out of collage I found myself in Seattle, a far cry from Salt Lake City, Utah! Somehow I ended up in Olympia and this is where I discovered Bikini Kill and the whole host of bands that took off that time-some still playing some not. I had never heard of punk rock bands comprised of girls-and I do think that BK and others were critical in finding out what was important to me. Back in my home town this is who I listened to while feeling completely alienated and not knowing what the hell was going on with my life. A few years later I wrote an essay on “Star Bellied Boy” in a gender/sexuality class. I included a mix tape with it-I think I got a B! Le Tigre came around I had the chance to see them play something like four times in Salt Lake City. I was thrilled to see them play-as I had never seen Bikini Kill.I guess the point is that I now live on The West Coast, free of my hometown-and I still listen to Bikini Kill-and it reminds me what is important and what I love. And sometimes I still scream along to songs-which is always fun and cathartic.
Liz B Jones

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