Underneath my Anne Taylor Attire

My friend/beloved roommie Jess in college got me hooked on Demirep. She’s an anti-hipster hipster, and I’m a normie. I first heard the song when she prank called this horrible boy I had a crush on; hearing her shrill, angsty voice was the perfect antidote to the boy’s douchery. I made her play the song fo realz and Kathleen Hanna sang it beautifully and perfectly. The song expresses everything that dudes can’t understand about women; it’s raw and powerful and I’ve unleashed it on other unknowing mecs. Mainly a tool in discovering myself freshman year, Jess and I would blast it on a boombox or laptop, subjecting the all-boys dorm down the hall to our feminist chaos. It was wonderful. Thank you, Kathleen Hanna, for giving me this tool in channeling my female rage. I may work in finance, but I am a Bikini Kill devotee and will always have that layer of explosiveness underneath my lame Anne Taylor attire.


One Response to “Underneath my Anne Taylor Attire”

  1. Oh my God, I LOVE “Demirep.” You’re right, it is the perfect song for when you’re dealing with an asshole boy. “I’m sorry that I’m getting tubby/and I cannot always be happy for you/and I am not some lame sorority queen/taking you home to meet my daddy!”

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