Lions and tigers and bears

I blogged about BK today and it occurred to me that maybe I should send my thoughts through to add to the bunch. I never saw BK live – wrong time and place! In the mid-90s I was a kid growing up in New Zealand :-p I didn’t hear BK till I was in my late teens – in the early 00s!

Bikini Kill revealed a world to me that my life is so much the better for.

Nineteen years old, I was confused and depressed and bewildered and pouring half of the attention I was supposed to be giving studying into listening to music and losing myself in thoughts (a familiar story, no doubt!). One day, flicking through discs at one of my favourite stores, I picked up an album by a band I’d heard a little about and been meaning to check out.

My mind was blown the first time I heard Pussywhipped. It was like this incredible, heart-soaring piece of aural evidence that empowering alternatives can and do exist.

I was still a confused, depressed, bewildered nineteen year old, but one that had forever had a part of herself strengthened by the knowledge that it is possible for women and girls to live creative, unapologetic lives despite the shit society gives them.

Just wanted to add my $0.02 🙂

Lions and tigers and bears,


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