They act like if you were just sexists…

You kow that girl who wrote ‘how I start listening to BK and more’ , I know her, we go at the same school and we’re both 11(it will be my birthday on 22). We speak french, we go at a french school in mtl and for us, english class means that we LEARN how to speak english even if there’s a lot of us who know how to speak english. Our english teacher asked us to do a presentation with a poster and stuff about our hero… I choosed Kathleen. I did my presentation today, everybody act surprised and crazy and dumb when I put Rebel Girl cuz they say that it’s sexist. I don’t see anything sexist in that song. They were just one girl,wich I always sing Rebel Girl with her, who was really like “You have to do yr presentation NOW,please !” and she told me that she said that just because she wanted to hear Rebel Girl… She’s really cool. I was talking a lot about Bikini Kill and like Riot Grrrl, a bit about rape and when I was talking about rape, the teacher was shaking her head like if she understand everything that I was saying… The rest of the class heard a part of Rebel Girl and some jerks were dancing just because it was music and that they didn’t like that. And I really love candys, like a lot and I always eat candys, okay not all the time but I LISTEN TO BIKINI KILL LIKE I EAT “SUGAR”, I can say that I ALWAYS got my sugar, not like kathleen… GIRLS DON’T WEAR BIKNI CUZ THE BIKINI KILL. We wanna transform REVOLUTION GIRL STYLE NOW! for REVOLUTION GIRL STYLE FOREVER!

Everybody always say “We sold our souls to Rock and Roll” I say “We sold our souls to Riot Grrrl” especially Bikini Kill

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