paralell crusades

From 1992-1995 I did a woman’s music show (the ho show) at KTSB/KVRX
studen radio station in austin texas. I felt like we were leading
parallel crusades, you recording your music and me making sure that
everyone that I could reach knew about what female rock stars were
doing at that time and the overall feminist movement among young women
that was clearly going on. i got to interview so many bands during
that time, and was always so sad that I never interviewed you.

A few random thoughts from one of your still devoted fans, now 37,
with two young kids and living in brooklyn:
I could not get enough music that was coming mainly from the northwest
area, especially from bikini kill. I was and still am inspired by the
music. I used to mail order records from kill rock stars, among other
labels, still have all of my 7 inches from bk.

I vividly remember on of your shows in austin – must have been summer
of 1993 or even earlier – the dates are hazy – but the images of you
guys are clear. Kathleen with the tape recorder – I think a purplish
dress and combat boots – totally inspired me to want to make a change
and a difference. I know I took pictures at that show – of Kathleen
with the tape recorder up to the mike – those I will find and scan in
and send.
anyway the split album you guys did with huggy bear is still one of my
favorite albums.
i am a bit of a packrat, so I will see if I can find any flyers from
your austin shows or any press that I might have saved.

Kathleen – I am glad you are remembering the good stuff about being in
bk, because the music and words you wrote were so powerful, the images
of you guys – all so inspiring to so many, that I am glad to see that
you are remembering more than the negative and tedious aspects of
being in a band.

-april fresh

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