I got into Bikini Kill far past its day. I was a high school student taking a guitar class in 2004. I was the only girl in a class full of metal heads.

My teacher passed a cd off to me, and I completely fell in love. It shaped the way I thought about myself and how I met my goals. The never say Die attitude taught me everything.

But I have to say the greatest thing Bikini Kill ever brought me was my best Friend Alec Smith. In 2007 I was living in LA, going to school for fashion Design. I was a bit of a misfit.

I was the friendless wonder until I noticed the boy who sat in the front of one of my draping classes. He has “Rah Rah Replica” tattooed on his arm, with the mirror image on the other. A few weeks later, I worked up the balls to say hello. He has been one of my closet friends ever since.

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