September 1992

The Bikini Kill/Team Dresch show was in a warehouse in West Columbus-very industrial and dirty. It was full of massive plastic hot tubs that we were jumping around in before the show. The warehouse was so gigantic that people were not packed in, which was a nice change because it would sometimes get hard to breathe at shows.
Team Dresch opened and were amazing in every way. This show was way more queer friendly than 2 years earlier so you could already see changes happening in terms of the audience and the punk scene in general. My best friend and I talked to Kathleen before the show-she had just started DJing and told us her DJ name was “DJ Lil’ Good Times”-awesome !
We gave her a T-shirt that said “Proof Enough” on it in silver glitter and she wore it onstage.
The music was amazing and Kathleen invited the lead singer of the local opening band, Miss May 66, onstage to sing Rebel Girl with her. I will never forget her singing “Sugar” and just ripping into it-still one of my favorite songs-sums up everything about that time. The biggest thing that impressed me about Bikini Kill and Kathleen Hanna herself was their generosity-they were so generous and compassionate to all their fans and friends. I can remember so many people unloading on her about really intense stuff going on in their lives and she never blinked-she always listened.

🙂 meg

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  1. oh! never heard “martyr martyr” !!

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