I saw Bikini Kill two times in 1994 – at Gilman in Berkeley, CA and at the Las Palmas Theater in Hollywood, CA. It is the Hollywood show that I’m going to discuss here.

The evening started off spectacular. Prior to the BK show, I met Henry Rollins for the first (and only) time in my life at a meet and greet that he was doing in support of his just released Get In The Van: On The Road with Black Flag book at the Tower Records (R.I.P.) off of Sunset Blvd. I’d been a HUGE Rollins fan since the mid ’80s, so needless to say, it was a very big deal for me to meet him in person and get my picture taken with him, which I still have somewhere.

The main thing about the Las Palmas Theater show and the primary reason why I still remember it vividly 16 years after the fact is because BK (and Kathleen in particular) was BRUTALLY heckled by the audience from the word go. I had never witnessed (and haven’t ever witnessed since) such awful treatment by an audience towards a band. The thing that made it extra nauseating for me though was the fact that the show was taking place in HOLLYWOOD. While I have no doubt that BK has received similar or worse audience treatment in certain other parts of the world, never in a million years would I have expected to see such a thing in Hollywood.

I was fortunate enough to meet Kathi and Billy afterwards, both of whom were incredibly nice to me. I would’ve like to have met Tobi and Kathleen too but Toby didn’t play drums that night and Kathleen, not surprisingly, didn’t come out to meet anybody afterwards.
-Andrew Jacobs

2 Responses to “BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN”

  1. Hollywood has turned into a big fat greyhound bus station where hundreds of metal kids end up. Yuck

  2. Vintagegal Says:

    I was at that show at the Las Palmas. I liked when that one heckler went too far and Kathleen hit him with the microphone.

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