yellow shirt
I’ve heard their name thrown around, but only came across their music for the first time while I was traveling in Paris, France, in 1995. In a used record store I found and bought “Pussywhipped” – an album which, till today, remains one of my favorites.
Their music was very angry, emotional and messy compared to most of what I’d heard until that point. The lyrics really stuck a chord, and the intensity of this short album was something I could never grow tired of.
Until this day I seek music related to members of the band, and have yet to be disappointed. But it’s Pussywhipped that’ll remain one of those albums that made me pick up a guitar and dedicate my life to music.

Oren Siegel
Snaganubbin bandmate/co-host of the Jekyll and Hyde Show on 106FM Jerusalem

One Response to “Pussywhipped”

  1. I agree about Pussywhipped. All of their albums are amazing but Pussywhipped is definitely my favorite.
    p.s.-I really love the picture at the top of this post! (PUBES) 😀 *highfive* for all the hairy feminist womyn identified people out there!

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