Dayton, Ohio, September 1992

Bikini Kill had been touring the US in a big green van with a broken tail-light when they stopped to play Newspace in Dayton, Ohio in September of 1992. I was part of a group of about twenty teenage girls who came from all over to see them play. The show was beyond packed and really hot. As soon as the band started playing, a cadre of bullies started getting violent-pushing and slamming all the young ladies standing up front against the stage. We all had huge bruises on our legs and hips the next day but no one would budge an inch. This went on for about two songs asKathleen repeatedly pleaded with them to stop, but of course it only got worse. So she said: “Any girl who wants to dance without being hurt can come up and dance with me.” Then she reached into the crowd and pulled each of us onto the stage one by one. We all danced in a circle of joy behind Tobi Vail for the rest of show. We were all so happy we were crying and laughing and hugging. Kathleen let the guys out front who were bullying us
really have it. In a way I felt sorry for them-but I was more relieved that we were no longer at their mercy.
A lot of our guy friends (who took the great photos) told us later how jealous they were of our experience. Nine years later I was in Athens, Greece at a speed metal club (it’s huge there) and a teenage girl in the club asked me if I listened to Le Tigre. I spoke no Greek and her English was not awesome but we both knew every word to “Deceptacon!”.

🙂 Meg

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