Revolution grrl-style still!

I used to do my own zine called “Catch that Beat!” during the period from 1996 and 2002. Early CTB! was a fanzine for German band “Throw that Beat!” which made by four girls. I wanted to write more political issues but other members had no interest in it. Then I decided to do CTB! by myself.

I did an interview with my favorite band, label and people like Le Tigre, Mr. Lady, Minori Kitahara (the sex toy shop owner). I really enjoyed doing the zine and I loved talking with my zine’s readers. I felt that they wanted to share their stories of sexualities, politics with someone. They were awesome.

I got a few mean letters sometimes, “Why do you write such a feminist issues? You should write about your date with a boy!” I got an interview from guys the other day and they asked me my all-time favorite music. I answered “Beat Happening”. They seemed to be dissatisfied with my answer. I thought that they expected to hear (they imagined) typical riot grrrl ideas. They totally disgusted me and lost my drive.

Then, I listened to “White Boy”. Bikini Kill sang, “I’m so sorry if I’m alienating some of you. Your whole fucking culture alienates me”. This phrase cheered me up and encouraged to be myself.

Now I’m 33 years old. I work at the office in a tall building in the business district. I don’t wear a tight t-shirts, jeans and leather wristband at work but still know my favorite “White Boy” phrase. I have been enjoying my life with my style. Revolution grrrl style still!!!

One Response to “Revolution grrl-style still!”

  1. theblackwhole Says:

    Glad 2 hear Yer Hangin’ Tuff!

    No matter what a “white boy” or ANYone else tellz U, it’z Yer World, Revolution Grrrl…

    !{( 8K

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