Bikini Kill Territory

I first heard bikini kill around 1995….and i was in 8th grade. i had been listening to other female fronted music and remember when i stumbled into bikini kill terrority.

I laid on my bed in my parents house and put on the cd version of the first 2 records. I remember being a bit scared at first to listen to i was heading somewhere so different from anything else. And i was. The moment i heard that music I knew that i was different, i didnt give a fuck if the girls at school had the best clothes from the gap that i could never afford, i didnt care if boys didn’t like me and i liked girls a bit more than they did me. These lyrics..these anthems…were the soundtrack to my life.

Through the internet i found girls who were just like me. Some of those girls I’m still friends with to this day. Years of mixed tapes, trying to arrange riot grrl meetings, mailing each other zines and even starting a grrrl newsletter that i emailed to a small list of girls I met online. I wonder about some of those girls, people i talked to for years under the name vixenplus. We taught each other about so much, being so far away from one another with only the music of bikini kill to have brought us together.

I can honestly say bikini kill has shaped the person i am today.
– VIXENPLUS (jenelle)

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