Rebel Girls in the Midwest

curvy girls burlesque
Little Mama’s Burly-Q Revue, Columbia, Missouri’s queer feminist burlesque troupe, performed a number to Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” which was an audience favorite for years. The theme of the number was “locker room antics” and the performers went all out to show the spectators their rebellious sides. By the end of the number, each troupe member ripped off her A-shirt to reveal a message scrawled across her midsection in Sharpie marker; messages like “Fat Femme Bitch” or “love yr-self” or “CURVY” which didn’t wash off their bellies for days. One of the main goals of the troupe was to celebrate the beauty of women’s bodies, no matter what size they are. This particular number definitely showcased the feisty feminists with all their glorious curves, and the audience ate it up.
–Sassy McNasty, founding member of Little Mama’s Burly-Q Revue

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