don’t die

i first read the april fool’s zine when i was 14 and loved it just because i was obsessed with bk at the time. however, just over a year ago (at age 21), as a drug addict, had become obsessed with the page that said, “baking the cake that says don’t die”. so much so that i decided to get it tattooed on me. i wrote it with a sharpie and told the artist to copy it exactly. it’s just the text for now, but i intend to have it turned into a cake at some point.
just figured i’d share how important what you’ve done has been to me.

2 Responses to “don’t die”

  1. ohmigod! i have an april fools day tattoo as well! it’s the potted plant that says “destroy the tape loop that says self-destruct.” unfortunately i don’t have a picture right now

  2. yes I’m obssessed with this sentence too it’s cool

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