Big lightning bolt hit my brain and my heart

I used to be a pale and weak girl with low self-esteem.
I always thought I was a little different from other students at high school. it was a girl’s school. I just couldn’t feel right being there. and i concerned about that. and i also concerned about my sexuality.
but first time I listened to Bikini Kill, Big lightning bolt hit my brain and my heart! and i was like “I haven’t seen people like them before in this school. and three of them are girls just like me!” and I realized that I don’t have to be the same as anybody else and I want to scream like you guys! and I wondered “What does Bikini Kill mean?” “What does Riot mean???”
yeah, I’m Japanese. so at that time I couldn’t understand what Bikini kill sings about? but I could feel the power from your music. It was intense moment for me. ever since i heard this word Riot, I got the word stuck in my head for many years. that means a lot to me.
and I finally made my own jewelry brand called Riot works.
anyway,I was so curious about everything happening around Bikini Kill. and I am still. your music always makes me to think this way like I can do anything I want, even though I am a girl.

I have been dying for having my own band since I me Bikini kill. and i now am 32 years old and finally i started my own band called kodkod with great girls members since 2008. now I scream a lot. I found that screaming is a lot of fun!

oh and one of my regret things the most in my life is that I missed your gig at Heaven’s door in Tokyo. I didn’t have an internet or something like good information tool. so when I found a flyer about the gig, it already finished. I still remember how i was depressed about it.
sorry for my poor English!

love, Rico

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