Shelter, work, friendship and Love

In 1993 I was 25 years old and had somehow not before found a culture that made so much real sense to me outside of books and movies and records. I was following the band around the country and videoing them on borrowed cameras and sleeping on friends and friends little sisters and riot girls’ floors and half based in London and half in Sheffield. I made friends with Sister George and Liz Naylor at Bikini Kill shows and they were the first English people I’d met who didn’t think my ideas were “weird” or “extreme”. After screening the video in New York City my heart flew there and a few months later my body followed and there (in the U.S.) I stayed for 5 years. Though “houseless” for a long time I had never before felt so “grounded”, my journal was my portable sense of place and home and the punk rock, feminist and queer communities provided me with shelter, work, friendship and Love for a few exciting years.

I remember Kathi (Wilcox) at the White Horse show in South End Green (North London) saying that Girls continuously telling her she’d changed their life was beginning to freak her out (incidentally it was at this show that i met my first ever real girlfriend). I had met Kathi at the running of the Bulls in Pamplona Spain in 1991 and I remember us sitting in a deserted carnival there in the middle of the night and her telling me of exotic things such as Riot Girl, Jigsaw and the International Pop Underground.
I first heard “WE’RE BIKINI KILL AND WE WANT REVOLUTION…GIRL STYLE NOW…” on my walkman lying on my back at Pamplona station waiting for a train that took us to Morrocco.

I’m afraid that meeting you did change my life Kathi. My life would definitely not be as it is had we not met and what I did and experienced in that time has informed my life, creativity and politics in innumerable ways since. It must be strange and scary and amazing to be so influential and I hope that you’ve all gotten used to the idea by now.. it’s all just part of big constellationary chain reactions that life is best all about..

Lots of Love Ladies here’s to the many more things our lives are and will be producing..
xoxoxo Lucy Thane 2010

3 Responses to “Shelter, work, friendship and Love”

  1. Ooh, I want to see your movies, too!


  2. yes we’re all curious and there’s someone on flickr who have it and take pictures of it and I’m jealous!!! Where we could find it?

    please get in touch!! reply!!

  3. lucy thane, where can i get your documentaries?? please get in touch!!

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