My First Time

Kathleen performing
The first time I ever saw, or even heard, Bikini Kill was in Denver, Colorado, maybe around 1994? I had just gotten back from a year as an exchange student, and my friends took me to the Mercury Café to see this awesome, female punk band that they just knew I would love. Before the show, I was in the downstairs bathroom, and this adorable girl came in and started putting on make-up. She told me she really liked my dress (I was wearing a super-cute red 1960s mini dress with gold embroidery and my white Doc Martens). I thanked her, and we chatted for just a minute. Low and behold, the adorable girl was the singer, who was a force of nature and even shouted down some jeering heckler. The show was fan-fucking-tastic! My friends were right, this band was right up my alley.


One Response to “My First Time”

  1. i love the photograph, do you have any more work out there? how can i find it? thanks for sharing your art ~kisses, naomi

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