What BK Means to Me!

Billy and Kathleen making faces
My wife and I used to sing Rebel Girl and Alien She to each other (though secretly, since we didn’t disclose we both had a case of “Love at First Sight”). Now we’re happily “married” (until it’s legal, then we’ll be happily Married). Since we started dating we have put BK songs on our “world famous” LesMixes. We have a daughter (3 years old) and she’ll be hearing our collection of Bikini Kill when she gets old enough to appreciate them as much as we do! : )

– Kristi & Victoria (little Dahlia, too!)

One Response to “What BK Means to Me!”

  1. billy looks like…. hmmm I don’t know,he had a weird/cool shirt but had a strange face on this photo

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