The music festival was called Summersault

It was a long, long time ago. The music festival was called Summersault. It was one fo the many festivals that jumped up very quickly in the first few years of the Big Day Out, but didnt have the staying power. So I think it would have been 10-15 years ago. Beck was also on the bill and from what I remember he chucked a tanty until they put him on the big stage, even though he wasted it by only having him and a guitar, whilst Rancid worked their arses off bouncing and jumping all over the place on teh smaller side stage. The stage that you were on.

At the time, I could not really call myself a Bikini Kill fan. I had heard of you, and had heard ‘Rebel Girl’, but knew you more as ‘riot grrl’ and ‘punk’ icons as such. Sorry to brand you with such wankitude, but that was all I knew at the time.

So I wander over to the side stage to hear you play, and you were very good. You played ‘Rebel Girl’, and a few others that the suitably alternative girls who made up most of the crowd knew. I was the chubby, scruffy outer suburban 20 year old bloke in a felix the cat T-shirt and shorts. I’m sure you remember me. Anyway, my major memory of that concert is when Kathleen introduces a song with a preamble that I remember to this day. This is not word for word, but it is pretty close:

“This is a new song, and it is about when you, as a woman, are talking about sexism and date rape and sexual assault to your brother, or whatever, and he is all like ‘nah that doesnt happen all the time’ and you have to explain to him and he doesnt understand and stuff like that. But its a new song, and you probably wont be able to understand any of the words anyway.”

You then launched into a blistering screamy type song, which again going with the tone of the show and the band, was very good. But I will be damned if I dont remember the little speech, and the dirty looks I got from the chicks around me for laughing, rather than the song itself.

So, for what it’s worth, theres my Bikini Kill story. I also once met a girl in Geelong who said that she met you at Rock and Roll High School once, but that is not my story, more hers.

I hope this story was usefull, interesting, or at least helped you while away a few pointless minutes reading it.

Don’t stop a-rocking,


One Response to “The music festival was called Summersault”

  1. wich song was a new song

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