Rah Rah Replica

That I had to start my own friggin cover band!
I have been in bands playing guitar and singing for over a decade and I started at age 12 in the 90’s in part because of Bikini Kill. They were the best FU to macho hair rock that did nothing but degrade women. They were real and passionate and had a purpose. That has been lacking so much in the music scene here in Baltimore that I started to think all the women just got up and left the city. I wanted to bring back the attitude, the confrontations and the fun and the best way I saw to do it was get together with other BK lovers and show a new younger audience what is possible – you don’t have to just be the girlfriend! You can be the artist!
good luck with whatever you are doing! BK has been such an inspiration to many people I know.
xo, Shawna

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