First Time Seeing Bikini Kill

tobi singing

I ‘m going to see Bikini Kill and Free Kitten tonight at CBGB. Fingers crossed that I’ll get in but unless there’s a line around the corner, I should. I’ve really wanted to see Bikini Kill for a while now. The last time they played (NY) I was in Georgia. It would be really amazing in Joan Jett got up on stage with them.

About Bikini Kill/Free Kitten. I had an incredible time. They were great. Cool thing was when Bikini Kill were playing Kim Gordon was standing to the right of me, Thurston Moore was standing to my left, the guy from Pavement in front of me and the second girl from Free Kitten behind me. It felt pretty cool having all these musicians that I respect standing there, hanging out, not really with me, but relaxed by me watching the show. I talked to Thurston Moore for a while afterwards and he seemed real nice. It was very casual, not a rock star-fan thing. Went out the next night to see 7 Year Bitch & Alice Donut.

-Steve Beckham

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