February 14th, 1991

I remember on Feb. 14th 1991 we (Bratmobile) played our first show ever with Bikini Kill. It was their second show (the first was Satyricon in Portland?) Anyway, we knew they were going to be the best and we couldn’t have been more excited because it wasn’t just our first show as a band, it was our first show IN a band! We had been making up songs for over a year and practicing for a few months in Robert’s (ex-Some Velvet Sidewalk and Snakepit) practice space behind House of Records in Eugene. I can’t speak for Allison but I’m pretty sure we felt the same – like what the fuck are we doing?… but it’s so exciting we can’t not do it! Besides the show being amazing and trans-formative on multiple personal levels one cool memory is that Bikini Kill did ginseng shots before the show. Hilarious. Happy 19 year anniversary BK!
-Molly Neuman

4 Responses to “February 14th, 1991”

  1. annaliese Says:

    cool! bratmobile rocks too!!!

  2. X-Ray duh! Oh how I miss putting my feet in the stirrups of the gyno table they had there…

  3. Hi Molly–the first BK show was at the X Ray Cafe in Portland (not Satyricon because that was 21+) opening for Gas Huffer. We played a party or two in Oly before the Feb 14 show…I used to have it all written down somewhere…huh. The Feb 14 show is video taped (maybe by Corin?) …also I believe it the 16 mm film of us might have been shot there. I think Kathi might have this, her friend Brian made it. There’s also footage of us walking around downtown in front of BK graffiti! Bratmobile were so amazing and so was Girl Germs. Oh yeah, Some Velvet Sidewalk played that show too. This is before Bill was in the band, Kathi played guitar for half the set, Kathleen played bass. 19 years ago! Wow. xoxoxo Tobi

    • Hi Tobi do you think there’s a video of BK before Billy? Or a video of the first show of BK with Billy? Or if you could put on the web the video of you walking downtown with the graffiti? write back please

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