An Empowered Future for Everyone

I hardly even have the words. How do you express immeasurable gratitude? When I found Bikini Kill, I was a middle school kid who was beyond frustrated, beyond disappointed that my potential role models were either men or women who complacently accepted their role on the losing end of patriarchy. Even as an athlete, the women I looked up to talked in interviews about how they hid their athleticism from their husbands and boyfriends so as not to emasculate them. They talked about how they were always so happy to leave the “butch” on the field and get dolled up. No thanks. Bikini Kill and riot grrrl was my entry point to a lifestyle that celebrated women, individualism, assertion, and vocal refusal to accept the status quo. To me, they were a voice against violence against women, a voice against oppression, and a voice against misogyny. I’m a social worker now. My sole purpose in life is to work towards social justice and advocate for those who are oppressed. I truly believe that Bikini Kill planted the seed that feminist theory fed that eventually grew into an intense, all consuming desire to fight for an empowered future for everyone.

Kathleen, Kathi, Tobi: Sincerely, thank you. Thank you.


One Response to “An Empowered Future for Everyone”

  1. Why you don’t say thank you to Billy?

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