Jigsaw Youth

BIKINI KILL, live, onstage, were perfect. Kathleen, Kathi, Billy, and Tobi and the crowd were fucking perfect. If you saw them, and I mean really saw them, you would agree. If you don’t agree, then I guess you never really saw them.
Carlos Cañedo

6 Responses to “Jigsaw Youth”

  1. hey! You’re Carlos from The Peechees!!!!

  2. I listened to your music but never got to see you live. I went to college, grad school. I studied women’s issues. I am now a therapist for rape survivors. You did make a difference!

  3. oh carlos you are too sweet, we could not have done those shows without you! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Thank goodness they had the perfect roadie at this show!

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