one of the coolest shows and greatest experiences of my life was seeing bikini kill play on the roof of a parking garage at drexel university in philly in the spring/summer of 1994. city night skyline off to the side, hanging with my crush at the time, being blown away by how wide-open my little boring suburban life was beginning to feel….it was fucking awesome. bought a $5 t-shirt from one of the band members that i wore for years until holes and rips rendered it unwearable. i still won’t let my wife throw it away, though; it’s in storage, where it will stay the rest of my life.

loved that shirt, loved that show, loved that band, loved that time. thank you.

– mike

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  1. Hi Mike. Does your T Shirt have a Wiener Dog Balloon Animal Bikini Kill logo on it? I remember seeling a lot of those in Philadelphia. Kathi and I shot some Super 8 footage from the top of the parking garage. I wonder if she still has that. No footage of the show, just hanging out during soundcheck and the view from the garage. Thanks for sharing your BK story. I still have a few old punk shirts I can’t throw away but I can’t really wear either.

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