how I start listening to bk and more

I remember, in 2004 (because right now, I’m 11 years old), I was 7 and my mom listen to punk music since that she’s 14 so I’m really into it. The first punk band that was my favourite was called “Harum Scarum” and I was 4, it was like political punk rock with female singers. I was really in love with punk bands with female singers and I’m still in. At the age of 6 my favorite band ever was Team Dresch and my hero was Kaia Wilson. My mom was playing a lot of Heavens to Betsy and a bit of Sleater-Kinney. And I didn’t know it but I was in love with a lot of Riot Grrrl bands…. The first time that I’ve heard Bikini Kill was, when my mom was playing Pussy Whipped. I didn’t pay attention to the songs because we had a tons of punk rock/hardcore/metal albums and for me it was just a punk rock record like the others. I start to pay attention to it when Rebel Girl start playing. I was not that good in english at this time cause I speak French, but I knew what “Rebel girl, you are the queen of my world!” means. I liked it, but I thougt it was weird a bit. I didn’t know the name of this record or even the name of the band. I start to love bikini kill when y mom bought Reject All American (I was 8) and for me it was the best record ever released. I remeber that I was sit in the living room and I was
waiting for the song “Reject All American” because I’ve never heard a song who was saying stuff like “Reject All American” “Think he’s cool but really, he’s not”.
And a thing that totally destroy me and that made me stop listening to you is that, one day, I asked to my mom “Mom, can we go one day at a bikini kill show?” and my mom told me something like “Honey, that made a long time that bikini kill broke up !” and I remember crying. But now, I’m REALLY more into Riot Grrrl and Bikini Kill than 2004-05… Like I have a big book with Bikini Kill links on the web, and I check on Ebay everyday about bk, like I’ve paid $40 for 2 bk zines and 2 kathleen zines. And I’m gonna buy a Bikini Kill press cutting collection soon… And I’m wondering everyday if Bikini Kill will do a reunion one day. And at the end of 2009, I’ve met a girl in school and she listen to bikini kill right now cause I was always talking about bk to her. Like right now when someone bother her, she’s like “SUCK MY LEFT ONE!!” or “I don’t need yr atti-fucking-tude boy” and we always sing bk songs together and I’ve made her a mixtape and right now, she say that the best song ever released is Suck My Left One and I’m happy cause I have a friend who understand my love to Bikini Kill. Oh! And one last thing! I was in NYC this summer August 2009 , and my mom wanted to go at the ABC NO RIO for see a band called Witch Hunt cause we both love this band. Their last song was “White Boy” but it was more faster than the original song, so I didn’t know that it was this song. But when I realized it, I was jumping everywhere and screaming the song. I was like a kid with punks everywhere and it was so fucking cool. That’s the first time that I’ve heard a Bikini Kill cover like “live” and that I was there for real. I think that—- No! I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna have a Bikini Kill tattoo one day even if I will be like 14 and everybody will think that I’m too young but Bikini Kill totally changed my life and my ideas of what the music is and was. The last thing that I have to say is GIRLS DON’T WEAR BIKINI CUZ THE BIKINI KILL

Lenora D.

3 Responses to “how I start listening to bk and more”

  1. i was beginning to imagine i may end up being the only individual whom cared about this, at the least now i understand i’m not extreme 🙂 i am going to be sure to have a look at a couple of various blogposts soon after i get my morning caffeine in me, it is actually tricky to read without having my coffee, I was up late last night grinding facebook poker and after drinking a few brewskies i wound up getting rid of all my zynga poker chips adios for now 🙂

  2. You give me hope for Generation Z, Lenora. Make sure to not just consume, but create, too!

    Oh, a movie recommendation (well, maybe when you’re a bit older…): the 25 minute underground short “I Was a Teenage Serial Killer”, produced, written, and directed in 1993 by Sarah Jacobson. Heavens to Betsy’s song “My Secret” was used as the closing music. It’s really cheap-looking and badly-acted, but I think everyone should see it at least once.

    I made a trailer for it and posted it on YouTube:

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