Driving Around Aimless Blaring Revolution Girl Style Now

A friend of mine during my freshman year of high school turned me onto Bikini Kill via a cassette mix tape that had been dubbed and passed on many times before getting into my hands circa 1994. Hearing not only a female do what I thought of then as just “punk rock” but also hearing songs that were about actual issues that seemed so much more relatable than the older punk albums I had been listening to was what shaped me into who I am today, 16 years later – and who I’ll be forever going forward. The music appealed to my female, punk loving friends, but also to me, an awkward overweight baby-faced male, because I saw that it was addressing in a broader way issues that involved feeling like a minority. It was music that spoke to me in a way that nothing had before it. Even at that young age could see a larger picture of issues surrounding me in the great big world… that seemed SO much bigger before the internet. It wasn’t too long after that, that I started noticing Bikini Kill in hidden places that I enjoyed, Roseanne, Greg Araki’s Nowhere, etc. – and realized that this wasn’t just some college radio band, but something that would be much much bigger than that. There were many summers that followed of driving around aimless and blaring Revolution Girl Style Now! To this day, I still play my favorite songs off of it every night I dj.
Justin Lawless

One Response to “Driving Around Aimless Blaring Revolution Girl Style Now”

  1. I got my first week through at the gym! Hopefully I am going to keep it going and also find a friendly diet to get ride off some pounds.

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