Terraza Jimay

Terraza Jimay…I just Googled it and it looks to still be in existence. This is where I saw Bikini Kill play my one and only time at some obscure Latin dance hall in an area on the outskirts of Los Angeles called Montebello, I want to say Nov. ’95. And what a brilliant and amazing show it was. I’m not exactly sure when I discovered the music of Bikini Kill, perhaps in ’93 or ’94, but I do know it still receives heavy rotation to my ears to this day, only now courtesy of an iPod (which in concept would have utterly nauseated the early nineties version of myself). I think I had been reading about the band in Melody Maker and NME and then finally heard Rebel Girl and I was hooked. My love for the band may have been further fueled by an on and off-again girlfriend at the time who also held them near and dear, but I had never had a chance to see them live in LA (not even at the legendary, beloved and sorely missed Jabberjaw where if my memory serves me, they must have played at least once), until they played that sweat-soaked show at Terraza Jimay. I’ve lived in LA most of my life since and that still counts as the one time I visited Montebello, and thanks to that lasting occasion, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Todd Handelsman

5 Responses to “Terraza Jimay”

  1. I actually have video of this show! It was on sale on the internet in the late 90s (yes, I bought a grainy VHS tape of a show off the internet!). If I get it digitized, I’ll contribute it.

  2. this was one of my favorite shows, but I think I had a panic attack at the end. of our set. I remember being about to pass out, which is how I often feel after playing drums at a hot sweaty show –and all of a sudden the show was over and the kids were surrounding my drum set trying to hang out and I couldn’t talk or move! I think I just sorta yelled for everyone to leave and then ran away to lie on the floor somewhere! this happened a few times, nervous exhaustion or something. I had a similar thing happen in Tokyo.

  3. Was at this show as well, though I dont recall the searching. I must have missed Emilys Sassy Lime but I remember FYP and Dos ( Mike Watt & Kira). I grew up in East Los Angeles & Boyle Heights so was very familiar with Montebello and was suprised BK was playing there. Went to go see them the next day with Sonic Youth at the Palladium as well, good times.

  4. I was at this show! I remember FYP, Emilys Sassy Lime and Los opened for Bikini Kill. I also remember Kathleen remarking that some Weezer looking guys were making fun of a girl who had liberty spikes, but that she liked ’em. I too have grown up in LA and that is the only time I’ve ever been to Montebello!

  5. theadventureclub Says:

    I remember this show vividly. The owners insisted that security patted down everyone as they entered the building and I was bummed that they only had male security guards so I tried to explain to them how uncool it was that every girl who was coming to the Bikini Kill show had to be physical touched by a man in order to enter but they wouldn’t budge so I put on a baseball hat and became the female security guard and patted down all the girls myself as they entered the show. It sounds kinda letchy now that I write it!
    Funny thing is the security completely disappeared as soon as everyone was inside the filled beyond capacity show which sucks cuz we could’ve really used their help when kids took the stage at the end………

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