My sister left to follow the Grateful Dead

In 1994 I was 15 and miserable, my parents just got divorced and we moved to a shitty little condo in a new town. My sister left to follow the Grateful Dead and I did not get that at all. I joined the radio station at my new high school and it expanded my music world a hundred million times. I got a Bratmobile record that blew my mind. Then came Bikini Kill, Excuse 17, Slant 6, etc. That music changed my life, it gave me hope and confidence that I don’t know what I would have done without at that point in my life.

When I took my ACT test in high school the reading comprehension section was based on an article from Time Magazine about “Riot Grrrl”, quoting Kathleen Hannah at least 3 or 4 times. It blew my mind to think that every other square kid in class who didn’t get “it”, was sitting there reading about my punk rock heroes. I loved it. I went on to score pretty high on the test which then qualified me for an amazing college scholarship.

Thanks for all the music,

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