Still Bummed After all These Years

I was so disappointed when you didn’t show up for your show with Sleater-Kinney at La Luna that I wrote the only letter I’ve ever written to a band in my life. I got a note back from Cathy Wilcox, that I still have somewhere, saying someone in the band was sick. You never played in Portland again that I knew of and I’m still sad about it.

toby wickwire

3 Responses to “Still Bummed After all These Years”

  1. but I’m sure it was good anyway…

  2. hi toby–huh I kind of remember this but not really. I think this might have been when the band was breaking up. sorry about that, we tried really hard never to cancel any shows! we even had two shows with stand in drummers when I was too sick to play and once we played without kathleen! in providence with born against…that was weird, but we did it! xo tv

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